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In addition to external communication tasks, internal communication is often the main task of Marketing Managers and they usually also organize the speeches of company executives and senior managers.
The solution offered by Videosquare, featuring professional and easy-to-use streaming technology and controlled access to both live and viewable content, is a great help in this. 
The level of interactivity is adjustable, the image elements can be personalized and the new communication channel is used by satisfied marketing managers at many companies.

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Anyone who cares about the following when they wish to stream or make content available live: 


When secure Partner authentication is required: instead of broadcasting to the masses, the goal is to reach a specific, exclusive target audience. 

When maximum control of the platform is required, and the limited customization of regular products is not enough.  When there’s a need to know and control everything within the platform.


When there’s a need to provide users with extremely convenient handling and interaction possibilities and offer presenters and organizers a tried-and-tested professional solution developed over the course of years. 

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