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Senior management briefings and annual appraisal speeches are important elements of corporate communication and team cohesion, as well as the presentation of new directions and common results. This is particularly timely in this period when most colleagues have no daily personal contact and lack a credible flow of information.
With Videosquare, business leaders can share content with colleagues or other invited guests in a controlled, secure and closed system. With the help of professional streaming, users can comfortably watch the presenter and the presentation at the same time, the ratio of which can be dynamically adjusted according to their own needs, even during playback.
The reviewability of content can also be regulated, speeches can be categorized and the consumption habits of the audience can be learned on the basis of the decisions of company managers.

Businessman with Glasses

Anyone who cares about the following when they wish to stream or make content available live: 


When secure Partner authentication is required: instead of broadcasting to the masses, the goal is to reach a specific, exclusive target audience. 

When maximum control of the platform is required, and the limited customization of regular products is not enough.  When there’s a need to know and control everything within the platform.


When there’s a need to provide users with extremely convenient handling and interaction possibilities and offer presenters and organizers a tried-and-tested professional solution developed over the course of years. 

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