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The HR field faces great challenges with declining personal meeting opportunities and they need to address this task as soon as possible. 
Newly recruited colleagues continue to arrive at the company and their launching, orientation and training can pose major issues. If many colleagues work from home office, it is particularly important to integrate new colleagues as soon as possible. This onboarding process is perfectly supported by Videosquare, in which a video-based, interactive educational material can be compiled for new colleagues that helps them learn about the company’s overall operations, organization, core processes and anything that can help their work and speed up the process of being able to work meaningfully with their colleagues as soon as possible and turn to their professional manager in an increasingly purposeful manner.
The Videosquare team can also help you create video content, and the footage can be perfectly complemented by a PowerPoint presentation.

Anyone who cares about the following when they wish to stream or make content available live: 


When secure Partner authentication is required: instead of broadcasting to the masses, the goal is to reach a specific, exclusive target audience. 

When maximum control of the platform is required, and the limited customization of regular products is not enough.  When there’s a need to know and control everything within the platform.


When there’s a need to provide users with extremely convenient handling and interaction possibilities and offer presenters and organizers a tried-and-tested professional solution developed over the course of years. 

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