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The pandemic has fundamentally transformed the traditional options and tools of event organizers.

Free-of-charge mass access streaming solutions can be used when there is a need to communicate to the masses instead of a specific target audience. 
If you want specific attendees to attend your online event by joining an invitation-based closed system, from which statistics can be retrieved, Videosquare is the perfect choice. Find out more about the content consumption habits of your audience, keep your shared content safe, and keep track of what is happening. 
Furthermore, it is highly convenient to access all the activities related to broadcasting from a single source.


Anyone who cares about the following when they wish to stream or make content available live: 


When secure Partner authentication is required: instead of broadcasting to the masses, the goal is to reach a specific, exclusive target audience. 

When maximum control of the platform is required, and the limited customization of regular products is not enough.  When there’s a need to know and control everything within the platform.


When there’s a need to provide users with extremely convenient handling and interaction possibilities and offer presenters and organizers a tried-and-tested professional solution developed over the course of years. 

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