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Instructional companies have also reached a crossroads due to the pandemic, including traditional, higher education or adult education.
Although digitization has already begun in traditional or higher education over the last few years, in adult education, innovative online solutions have been used more frequently by companies providing vocational training and further education. We can safely say that the Videosquare service has been the most heavily shaped by their experience and needs. 
Interactive, high-quality content on the subject of Tax Consultancy / Accountancy / Lawyers / Fire Protection / Occupational Health / Occupational Safety has become essential in maintaining training continuity.
In case of mandatory or accredited educational materials, you can fix the order of the videos in advance, check presence with pop-up windows, and disable fast-forwarding of videos. 

German Teacher

Anyone who cares about the following when they wish to stream or make content available live: 


When secure Partner authentication is required: instead of broadcasting to the masses, the goal is to reach a specific, exclusive target audience. 

When maximum control of the platform is required, and the limited customization of regular products is not enough.  When there’s a need to know and control everything within the platform.


When there’s a need to provide users with extremely convenient handling and interaction possibilities and offer presenters and organizers a tried-and-tested professional solution developed over the course of years. 

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